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#TakeTheStairs on #NoElevatorsDay

In the lead up to International No Elevators Day, we would like to discuss stairs! Don’t be alarmed, I’m not going to make you walk up any… yet (insert evil laugh). I know they seem terribly daunting, having to lift one leg up and then another – I’m exhausted just typing this. It’s just so […]


Solved: Keeping Healthy on the Holidays

Problem: Keeping Healthy on the Holidays Another holiday approaches, and though thankful for the break, it’s hard to keep a routine at what has turned into such a busy time of year. Luckily Easter doesn’t drag itself out as long as Christmas but it’s too easy to consume your body weight in food, particularly gloriously, […]


No Excuses: Event Leader, Mum and Runner

Welcome to the No Excuses Series where different active lifestyles are explored to show there really is no excuse. In this interview, we speak with Helen, Event Leader for Tour de Office, mother of three and runner.  Who are you and what do you do? I’m the Event Leader for the Tour de Office Event, […]


Solved: Riding to Work

Problem: Riding to work Whether you already ride to work or want to ride to work there are daily stresses to this process. Riding to work is not as easy as it seems, and not just because you realise how unfit you are when you hit any sort of gradient. There are many challenges faced […]

If You Hate Exercise, Read This

Do you hate exercising? Do you avoid it at all costs? Would you rather exercise without knowing you’re doing it? Well congratulations, you already are. High-intensity exercise. Sound familiar? Probably not. But chances are you engage in high-intensity exercise at least once a day. High-intensity exercise is when you raise your heart beat above it’s […]

5 Exercises You Don’t Need to Leave Your Chair For

Sitting at your desk for eight hours a day can be a pain in the bum, metaphorically speaking… but also literally. We understand that not all workplaces have initiatives in place that allow employees to get active during their working day. That is where we can help! We have devised 5 simple exercises you can […]


Exercise Makes You Smarter

If you’re a Forgetful Freddy or a Slow Sally then maybe you need to start exercising more! As you know there are many benefits to exercising ranging from physical to mental health. But did you know that exercising can make you smarter? Regular exercise has shown to increase productivity and creativity. This can help you […]

Tired? Stressed? You’ll Feel Better… with Plants in the Workplace!

There is something called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ and although it might not sound familiar the symptoms might ring a bell. A study conducted by the Liverpool John Moores University has shown office workers becoming ill with these symptoms since work environments have incorporated air-conditioning constantly in their offices. Air-conditioning is not the only cause as […]

Wellness At Work

Would you like to increase your life expectancy and become 3 times more productive? Of course, you do. This can simply be accomplished through your workday. Employers and employees can benefit from incorporating healthier habits for everyone in the workplace. It can begin by offering healthy snacks to engaging your office into physical acitvity.  Physical […]