Problem: Riding to work

Whether you already ride to work or want to ride to work there are daily stresses to this process. Riding to work is not as easy as it seems, and not just because you realise how unfit you are when you hit any sort of gradient. There are many challenges faced by riding a bike to work, especially in Australia where it gets hotter than a shirtless Hemsworth. You need to shower after your ride, you need a fresh change of clothes, maybe these need to be ironed. You also have to carry all of this in a bag on your back while you’re riding up a hill that you swore wasn’t there yesterday. And then after all this, where do you put your bike?

Maybe these are struggles you face now or the obstacles that stop you from riding to work. But no more I say. Here are some handy solutions to make your commute to work easier.

Travel lighter

Particularly if you’re working in cities, many offices have showering facilities for their workers. If you have a workstation you’re able to leave some clothes or toiletries at, do so.

Shop smart

No matter what you do, your clothes are bound to get wrinkled in your bag through their transportation. It’s also not a great idea to bring an iron with you to work or leave one in the workplace. Luckily there are so many business clothes that are wrinkle-free and will never have to bear the heat of an iron.


Maybe your work doesn’t offer any sort of facility for use but there are ways to get around this. There are places like Cycle2City that offer all of these facilities in the heart of Brisbane to make riders lives easier (you can check them out here: or check your city for similar services). It does cost a small amount but it’s less than what you would spend on public transport, and most definitely cheaper than a car.

So if you’re still um-ing and ah-ing, you can stop. Instead, you can get on your bike and start riding.

Status: SOLVED

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