The pandemic rushed most businesses into a work-from-home model for staff who were forced to isolate away from the office. As this model was rushed into place, managers were unsure how to manage staff and how to keep employees engaged and productive. 

As time has moved on, we now see employees requiring their employers to offer a hybrid work model. The hybrid work model brings benefits to staff as they navigate their new working life, however, it also has some negatives.

Some of the negative effects of this include managers feeling the need to micro-manage. This has led to staff feeling higher levels of stress and feeling locked to their desk believing their managers distrust their willingness to do their work as efficiently while at home. Managers are now looking for ways to bring out the best in their employees working in a hybrid work environment. 


Another impact was the loss of social capital and team cohesion. Staff reported it was more difficult to develop those work friendships they see as vital to enjoying their daily work. They reported feeling lonely more often when working from home over a longer term. Relatedness is a strong part of who we are as humans, we need to feel connected and have a sense of belonging or connection to other people.


In extreme cases, isolation can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes daily.


A way Healthy Workplaces is able to assist with inclusion and connection is through our initiatives, especially Tour de Office (TdO). As TdO is an in-office cycling challenge it encourages interaction and engagement from participants. TdO also encourages staff to return to the office. Healthy Workplaces clients are seeing the benefits TdO brings to improving their culture and staff feeling a higher level of inclusion and connection to their colleagues. 


Recognising that the work-from-home model is here to stay and that it requires management to implement new processes and management models. Step Forward our step challenge app is a fun and inclusive way to continue to engage all staff, especially those working from home. The app reduces location as a hindrance to social interactions and engages staff with a mutual team goal. The friendly competition at a team level encourages a small group of staff to keep each other motivated and engaged.  


Regardless of your current staff working model, Healthy Workplaces’ has an initiative that will benefit staff health and engagement. Reach out, we would love to hear from you. 

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