Tour de Office is gearing up for its biggest year yet and we’re excited to once again work with our incredible hosts to #quitthesit.

Now in its 10th year, the corporate cycle relay challenge is continuing to raise awareness about the health risks office workers face by sitting for prolonged periods of time. Research shows that sitting for over 4 hours per day greatly increases your risk of chronic disease no matter how much exercise you do

In addition, the event has raised over $1.25 million dollars for charity to date, as participating organisations raise funds through peer-to-peer fundraising.

If your organisation is looking to boost employee engagement, corporate wellness, team building, social responsibility, and client engagement – then Tour de Office is for you.

The 2020 ride week dates are…

25 – 29 May 2020

19 – 23 October 2020

As always, we offer custom events so you have the flexibility to run your own cycle challenge when it suits your calendar.

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The start of a new year is a common time for people to set new health and fitness goals. Following a relaxing break from work, it is the time of year that people are most motivated to put some of their aspirations into action, and potentially break some bad habits too.

Unfortunately, a study by Statistic Brain found that only 20% of people who set goals at the start of a new year actually achieve them. Below, we share our tips on how to achieve your health goals in 2020, and be part of the 20%!

Tip #1 – Write it down
Thinking to yourself, ‘I’m going to start cycling to work this year’ isn’t going to cut it. Instead, we suggest setting aside one hour to sit down with a pen and paper, consider what you want to achieve, and write it down. When writing your goals out, we suggest writing it in present tense to bring your vision to life. Also try to be as specific as possible, for example, with things like distances and frequency. See an example below:

What not to write:
I will ride my bike to work more often.

What to write:
I ride my bike to work three times a week; covering a distance of 20km every day I ride.

Tip #2 – Set a timeframe
If you’re just starting out and you cycle 20km three times per week, you’re going to get very sore, very quickly. This might lead to an injury or you giving up, which is what we want you to avoid! When you write down your goals, set a timeframe in which you want to achieve them. Perhaps it can start as one day per week for the first month, and then increase to two days per week in the second month. And of course, set the date that you will achieve your goal.

Want to go one step further? Set calendar reminders for your key dates so you are notified when a milestone is coming up.

Tip #3 – Tell people
At this point, you’ve written down your detailed goal, in present tense, with a timeframe. You’re accountable to yourself. The next step is to share the details of your goal with some friends or family. Their support and interest will help to keep you motivated and accountable. Who knows – you might even find someone is setting out on a similar journey to you, or maybe you will inspire someone else to achieve their goal!

Tip #4 – Prioritise your time
I recently heard someone say, ‘we spend eight hours a day sleeping, eight hours a day at work, and then we have eight hours a day left to do whatever we like’. While the math adds up, there are many other day-to-day tasks that aren’t factored into this equation.

Let’s be realistic here… minus the time we spend on commuting, cooking, and cleaning, we most likely have about three hours left. Make sure you spend that time meaningfully by allocating a certain amount of your day to achieving your goal. Even an hour a day will add up to seven hours per week.

We hope you find these tips useful as you set out to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2020!

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63,000 dollars raised. 8300km cycled. 595 riders. 12 organisations. 9 charities. 3 countries. 1 month.

These are just some of the incredible statistics from a very busy October at the Tour de Office Foundation.

As always we had some friendly competition amongst our hosts, with Pure Storage taking first place for total funds raised, and The Motorama Group in a very close second place.

Pure Storage

Pure Storage were the hosts of the first Tour de Office ride week for October, and the first international Tour de Office ever. During their ride week, Pure Storage hosted a bike in their offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne and Sydney. Together, the four locations fundraised $10,824 to support their selected charities – Cancer Council and SPCA – and cycled over 1400km, all while taking in some spectacular city views. 

Aon Melbourne

Aon riders supported the Beacon Foundation and raised $3,133. With two bikes set up in the office, no one was lonely on their ride and the level of competition was high.

Employment Office Brisbane

Employment Office Brisbane clocked up the most kilometres on the bike during our October Ride Week. Opting for two bikes this year, they rode 1185km and raised $7,266 for the Lung Foundation Australia. Among their riders was an Elvis Presley impersonator and a 34-week-pregnant mum.

EY Brisbane

EY Brisbane supported Youngcare, with their riders fundraising $7,738. Perhaps this result was thanks to encouragement from special guests Bananas in Pyjamas and Batman’s sidekick, Robin. These visits helped keep the spirits high as the riders pedalled over 700km. 

News Corp Australia

Funds were collected the old-fashioned way at News Corp, as riders donated their time to collect cash contributions from anyone who hadn’t made their way to the online event platform. News Corp Australia raised $3,285 for The Courier Mail Children’s Fund.


We were excited to have Optiver on board as a host for the first time this October. They raised $225 for Beacon Foundation while riding over 400km on the bike.

PwC Brisbane

PwC Brisbane’s riders fundraised $3,431 for Starlight Children’s Foundation. Their cycling efforts were incredible as they rode over 870km. To create some internal competition, they kept track of their rides with a leaderboard – maybe this is why they rode so far.

PwC Melbourne

PwC Melbourne participated to raise money for Starlight Children’s Foundation. The riders fundraised $5,685 for the charity and rode over 500km. Similar to the PwC Brisbane office, they used an internal leaderboard to create some healthy competition and encourage riders to #quitthesit.

State Street

State Streets riders raised $1,390 to support the Beacon Foundation and covered over 570km. One rider at State Street cycled over 130km during the October ride week; that is the second-highest distance travelled by any rider that week.

The Motorama Group

The Motorama Group joined us for their fifth year with Tour de Office. As they were familiar with the event, we expected great things from the riders… and they delivered. They supported both Starlight Children’s Foundation and White Cloud Foundation, with the riders raising a total of $10,565. In Halloween costumes and a green morph suit, the riders impressively completed over 860km on the bike.


Wiley’s first event with Tour de Office saw their riders raise $9,627 to support FareShare. The riders distance was just as impressive as their fundraising, as they pedalled over 950km. Though it is no surprise as they had an amazing set-up for their riders that featured a 6ft screen where riders could pick a program of their choice – how could you not be motivated?

Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport hosted a 5-hour pop-up Tour de Office event in late October to raise money for Beacon Foundation. Riders managed to cover 168km in their short amount of time on the bike. This incredible feat was managed with an audience of airline passengers as the bike sat in the middle of the airport terminal. 


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When Tour de Office began in 2011, Employment Office Brisbane was one of the first companies to join the tour. Since then, Employment Office has continued its support of the event, participating for the past 9 years. Employment Office has raised over $11,500 just within the last three years for Australian Charities. In the lead up to the final ride week of 2019, it’s time we shed light on the work of Employment Office and what they are doing to #quitthesit.

Employment Office’s 2019 Charity of Choice

This year they chose to support the local charity, Lung Foundation Australia. Employment Office has set out to raise $10,000 for the Lung Foundation. Employment Office host an in-office auction in the ride week to help them achieve their fundraising goal. Staff can auction off services (some popular ones are kitchen cleaning duty for a month, free car park or to wear an embarrassing costume on the bike) to raise money for Lung Foundation Australia. 

They have also purchased a second bike this year meaning they have up to 160 time slots for their riders. The bikes are set up in the office weeks in advance so staff can train and make the most of their ride in the event week. 

Where will the donations go?

Lung Foundation Australia is Australia’s leading lung health charity. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in Australia but did you know…

34 Australians are diagnosed with lung cancer each day 


There are over 30 types of lung cancer that can affect smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers


25 people die from lung cancer every day


There is only a 17% survival rate after 5 years


⅓ Australians believe people with lung cancer only have themselves to blame


The money raised from the riders at Employment Office Brisbane will go towards funding imperative research and programs to support Australians diagnosed with lung cancer. As little as $50 can connect a person living with lung cancer to Lung Foundation Australia support centre and as much as $200 can help fund life-changing research.

Teaming up with Lung Foundation was a natural fit for Employment Office and Tour de Office as we both support a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to watch the riders at Employment Office #quitthesit and see how much they can raise for Lung Foundation Australia. Donations are open for the next 4 weeks and feel free to check out the sweaty faces of EO in the event week, maybe you’ll feel inspired to jump on a TDO bike. 

If riding a bike or raising money for charity is your thing (or even better, a combination of both!) then you must have ridden in Tour De Office.

You’re red in the face and dripping sweat, your legs are burning, you’re outfitted as your favourite superhero and you’re thinking:

‘I’m so sad I only get to do this once a year.’

And it is sad. A year seems far too long to wait to have fun with your workmates while raising money for a great cause close to your heart.

Be sad no more –  there are many events that involve jumping on a bike, pedalling hard and raising money for charity. Many are local to you, maybe you’re riding the coastlines or into the countryside or in one big circle around your city. There are also rides that take you that little bit further, to help scratch that itch when you’re not riding Tour De Office in the comfort of your office.

Fantastic Brissie based charity, Smiling for Smiddy raises money for vital cancer research while you get to ride your bike. One of their challenges is in New Zealand spread over 5 days where you’ll get to cycle up mountains and through lush valleys and maybe spot a Hobbit or two along the way (or more likely some sheep).

Yes, it is outdoors and you will have to leave the security of your office to ride. Yes, the bike does move and you will require to balance on it. Yes, it is not a replacement for Tour De Office but it does sound fun with a twist of awesome cause.

So while you’re waiting for Tour De Office to come around again next year you have a really good excuse for an overseas holiday while helping get the one-up on cancer.

Our August Ride Week has come to a close and the event has raised over $59,000 for 5 Australian charities. 

This August event week we had 7 companies jump on the bike and cycle their heart out to help us #quitthesit. Over 370 riders cycled the total distance of 4231km – that’s longer than a drive from Darwin to Perth!

Congratulations to Liberty Financial who rode the furthest distance with over 960km – that’s a bit further than a drive from Brisbane to Sydney. 

Next congratulations to Commonwealth Bank at Sydney and Parramatta for the most funds raised. This is the second year in a row they have taken out this prestigious title! 

For these events, we were lucky to have a wonderful group of volunteers who took many photos of the smiling, sweaty faces of the riders. Here are some of the highlights including envious views, young supporters and, our favourite, the funny costumes!


Fundraising for a cause close to your heart can be very fulfilling but it can also be hard. There are so many amazing causes out there to give to that people are overwhelmed with choice. How do you make your cause stand out so you can do your part? The way people fundraise continues to change so it is important to stay up-to-date with these changes. One platform that is overlooked when it comes to fundraising is social media. 

Social media plays a larger role in fundraising than you may think. As social media continues to grow and you find yourself browsing endlessly through it, chances are you have seen and interacted with a charity on the platform. This can be liking or commenting on a post or liking their page.  Chances are you also have a friend/family member fundraise on social media – or maybe you are that member asking for donations on social media. 

Whether you are fundraising for your chosen charity for Tour de Office or another charity event, here are some things you should know about social media fundraising:

93% of donations that come through social media are from Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful platform to be asking for donations and sharing your fundraising journey. If you are fundraising as a business, it’s beneficial to use your reach on social media to maximise profits while still interacting through other channels. You’re able to tell your story as a business, and build rapport with your community. 

If you’re fundraising as an individual it’s a great way to connect with family and friends you may not reach out to by other means. Tell them your story, let them know what this charity means to you and how your funds can help.

92% of non-profits are on Facebook

Make sure you find who you are fundraising for and tag them in your post. Many are willing to add support to your post and here at Tour de Office, we love to share our followers content.

Since 2012 there has been an 81% increase of donations coming from sharing a donation link on social media.

Make sure you’re sharing your donation link to receive donations. Most charities make it super easy for you with social media icons you can click on to share your donation link instantly. 

Social media allows you to use visuals that can help capture the eye of your future donors. Visuals are a great way to make sure your post is being seen. You can share pictures of the event if you have done it before or, if not, share pictures of the charity you are helping to raise awareness.

Also, remember that social media is fast and free. Now go get fundraising!

Matt Berger, an Executive Manager at Commonwealth Bank, will be riding in Tour de Office for the 5th time this August and has already reached over 80% of his fundraising goal. To help others who may be struggling to gain the motivation and momentum Matt has achieved we asked him about his engagement in Tour de Office and his fundraising strategies. 

How many years have you participated in Tour de Office?  

4 years.

What is it about Tour de Office that you like?  

It is a really fun week and then at the end of it all, you have something to show for it which is usually a contribution to a great cause. This year my team is supporting Beyond Blue.

Do you cycle outside of Tour de Office?

Yes, and at the moment it is just riding in and out of work each day.  I live in Ashfield in Sydney so I have about 11km each way on my route.  I did get particularly keen on cycling in 2016 when I rode from Nice to Geneva!

What inspires you to fundraise?

The chance to make a difference to the community by raising funds for a great cause and also simply increasing awareness about important causes such as mental wellbeing.

Do you participate in any other fundraising events in the year?  

Yes, I’m currently organising a fundraising breakfast in November for Foodbank who are a great charity that receives pallets of unused food and other products from the likes of Coles and Woolies and then delivers it to people in need right across Australia.

What is your fundraising strategy?

Asking family and friends to support me. And there are so many ways to do it. For example, I simply used my Tour de Office profile page last week to put up a post on Facebook and that had immediate results. My family and friends have been so generous towards me and my cause it’s been really flattering.

What’s your best tip for fundraisers who are struggling to hit their target?  

Believe in your cause firstly. If you do, then simply take the positive step of asking for support whether that’s by email, social media or the old fashioned way of talking. You’ll be surprised at the results!

If you want to get some pep in your step then it’s time to change up your work routine, leave the car at home, skip the bus and bike to work. A study has investigated the self-rating quality of life within commuting. The study showed that those who cycled to work had the greatest quality of life and high satisfaction with their health. Cyclist proved to be twice as happy as any other commuters, including those who walk! 

This higher quality of life can be deduced from cyclists receiving more benefits from their choice of transport. Cycling to work benefits both physical and mental health, which is made greater by the activity being completed outdoors. Beyond mental and physical health benefits, cycling to work has practical benefits. This includes having a larger control of their environment as they don’t have to wait on (the always late) public transport, they are able to slip past the banked up cars and don’t have to worry about not being able to get a park. And while all this is happening they’re saving money and the environment. 

It is no wonder that cyclists are the happiest commuters. Though we know that it’s not always easy to cycle to work, sometimes you live a bit too far away or where you live is not very cycle-friendly. But if you still want to add some pep to your step, try skipping short car trips when they could easily be cycled or cycle outside of peak times so it’s safer on the road. There is always a way to stay active and quit the sit. 

Tour de Office is proud to announce that we have partnered Wahoo and FE Sportsenhancing your in-office cycling experience with the all-powerful KICKR CORE.

If you’re not a cycling enthusiast, you may not know what a bike trainer is. Maybe you only jump on the bike once a year for the best biking event there is (hint: we are talking about Tour de Office) or just like to bike around with your kids up and down the street. So let me tell you what a bike trainer is and then let you know why everyone (even your grandma) needs one.

A bike trainer is a piece of equipment you can whack on your bike so that you’re able to cycle stationary. This could be in your garage, outside on the lawn or maybe in front of the television for some guilt-free TV time. The best part is, while you’re thinking ‘I should really clean the garage’ or ‘I need to mow the lawn’, the bike trainer will be measuring your speed, distance and power. And if you’re as lucky as Tour de Office and get to use a Wahoo trainer, you’ll find they’re extremely accurate and very quiet so you won’t have to bother turning the subtitles on.

Bike trainers can be used to help you work on your technique or for a warm up before a race when there is limited space. It can help you fit in a quick session when you’re short on time but can’t skip today’s workout (because you may have already skipped yesterdays…) 

But just so we are all on the same page, bike trainers are not just for professional athletes or avid cyclists. They’re for anyone who has or wants a bike. If you like riding either as a sport, a form of exercise or just to relax, bike trainers will allow you to ride your bike every day. If it’s too hot, ride inside! If it’s too cold, slap on that trainer! If you just can’t be stuffed to leave the house, then jump on that bike and get pedalling.