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August Ride Week 2019 Wrap Up

Our August Ride Week has come to a close and the event has raised over $59,000 for 5 Australian charities.  This August event week we had 7 companies jump on the bike and cycle their heart out to help us #quitthesit. Over 370 riders cycled the total distance of 4231km – that’s longer than a drive from Darwin […]

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Fundraising

Fundraising for a cause close to your heart can be very fulfilling but it can also be hard. There are so many amazing causes out there to give to that people are overwhelmed with choice. How do you make your cause stand out so you can do your part? The way people fundraise continues to […]


Take Time to Smell the Roses

Nature is good for you. There are many benefits of spending some time each day immersed in the sound of trees blowing in the breeze, birds chirping, the scent of dewy grass. You see, spending 17 minutes a day – 2 hours a week in total – outside in nature has health benefits similar to […]

Small Steps to Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Everyone seems to be discussing work-life balance, how it’s so important and how they want to achieve it. It can feel like an impossible balance to find, especially if your workplace isn’t as flexible as you want them to be (like 10 am starts and 4-day weekends). But it’s important to find that balance for […]

No Excuses: Andrea & Mark Proving You Can Have It All

In addition to raising a daughter together, Andrea and Mark work and exercise together. Andrea is the CEO of Scout Talent Group and Mark works part-time in Client Success at Scout Talent while also working as a stay-at-home dad.  What does your average day of being active look like? Andrea: My day is scheduled to […]


Happiness = Riding To Work

If you want to get some pep in your step then it’s time to change up your work routine, leave the car at home, skip the bus and bike to work. A study has investigated the self-rating quality of life within commuting. The study showed that those who cycled to work had the greatest quality of […]

Why You And Your Grandma Need A Bike Trainer

Tour de Office is proud to announce that we have partnered Wahoo and FE Sports, enhancing your in-office cycling experience with the all-powerful KICKR CORE. If you’re not a cycling enthusiast, you may not know what a bike trainer is. Maybe you only jump on the bike once a year for the best biking event there […]