In the lead up to International No Elevators Day, we would like to discuss stairs! Don’t be alarmed, I’m not going to make you walk up any… yet (insert evil laugh). I know they seem terribly daunting, having to lift one leg up and then another – I’m exhausted just typing this. It’s just so much easier moving a few floors in a metal capsule suspended by some rope.

Oh, wait, no it’s not. Stairs have been around since 6000BC. Do you know how long elevators have been around? The answer is not much longer than the soup cans in your grandmother’s pantry. Elevators have only been around since the middle of the 19th century.

Did you also know there are great health benefits to taking the stairs instead of the elevator? It’s insane that physical exercise is good for you. By taking the stairs you’re burning more calories and building up your fitness. As for your mental health, exercise helps stress and anxiety, and helps you avoid Joe who always takes the elevator and doesn’t seem to know what deodorant is. It’s a win-win-win.

Now I understand that buildings have become much larger and you don’t want to waste half your day just to get into your office on the 20th floor. But… so many people who have access to stairs and only have to move a few levels up still choose to take the elevator.

Don’t worry though, I know you’re smart and you take the stairs because you understand the benefits of physical activity and care about your impact on the environment. Though maybe you know someone who still takes the silly, old elevator even though they run the risk of running into Joe. How do you help these people?

Studies have shown putting signs near elevators and stairs like ‘Don’t lose time, lose weight. Use the stairs’ and ‘Don’t waste time, trim your waistline. Take the stairs’ had a great impact. Other phrases to try are:


No time for activity. Your opportunity is now. #TakeTheStairs on #NoElevatorsDay


The entire world is climbing the stairs on #NoElevatorsDay How many stairs have you climbed today? #TakeTheStairs


There is no elevator to success – you have to #TakeTheStairs. Take that first step today on #NoElevatorsDay


If this doesn’t work though you can also try putting up a sign that the elevator is broken or that Joe stunk it up and now it’s shut down. Or tell them that it’s turned into a portal to Narnia and they’ll have to take the stairs (this one can backfire as employees may want to skip work and go to Narnia instead).

Now feel free to take the stairs and help us #quitthesit  #TakeTheStairs #NoElevatorsDay

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