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A Good Excuse to Laugh While You Work

There is nothing better than a good laugh, a bit of a giggle to put the hop in your step. Fitting in a laugh can be hard though and not because the only jokes you know are about chickens crossing a road. Maybe you work in an isolated office and don’t get much contact with […]

Take the Initiative to a Healthier Workplace

Keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle can be tough, it feels like you don’t have the time between family, friends and work. Work can be the hardest, you find yourself always sitting down even on lunch breaks and not being able to resist heading out for lunch with a workmate or the sweet snacks lying […]

No Excuses: Always Active Alex

Who you are and what you do: My name is Alex. I am the Head of Account Management at Scout Talent Recruitment Software and an enthusiastic participant in the Tour de Office event for the last four years. What does a basic rundown of your day look like? On a good day, I’ll get up […]

McDonalds Queensland Riding for Sick Kids and their Families

Long term “Tourists”, McDonalds Queensland are hosting their exciting 2019 event during a custom ride week in June. Raising over $104,000 for Ronald McDonald House in the last four years, riders for McDonalds Queensland are once again focussed on gaining much-needed funds for the charity that provides accommodation for the families of seriously ill or injured […]

Trend Alert: Walking Meetings

So you can walk the walk but can you walk and talk? Walking meetings are the new stand-up desks. You can do them inside your long hallways or better yet outside in the fresh air. They’re hip, they’re cool and they are so good for employee health. But if you’re not hip and cool and […]

An Interview with Tour de Office Volunteers

Tour de Office relies on around 40 wonderful volunteers every year to help our charity event to run smoothly. We were lucky enough to interview two of our amazing volunteers to discuss why they volunteer and their experience volunteering with Tour de Office. One of our volunteers, Krishna, has volunteered for Tour de Office for […]

Volunteering in Every Form

Do you want to volunteer? Do you maybe not have a lot of time though? Are you unsure that you have the skill set to volunteer? We are here to let you know we can help you! There are numerous ways to volunteer that don’t require too much time or an extensive skill set or […]

How Does Increased Employee Engagement Translate into a Better Bottom Line?

98% of TDO riders said they felt engaged during the 2018 ride event, but exactly how does employee engagement lead to increased business success? A review of the Gallup Studies regarding employee engagement and business performance found that employee turnover is reduced and productivity is increased when the employee feels that: The employer cares about him/her […]