Tour de Office is proud to announce that we have partnered Wahoo and FE Sportsenhancing your in-office cycling experience with the all-powerful KICKR CORE.

If you’re not a cycling enthusiast, you may not know what a bike trainer is. Maybe you only jump on the bike once a year for the best biking event there is (hint: we are talking about Tour de Office) or just like to bike around with your kids up and down the street. So let me tell you what a bike trainer is and then let you know why everyone (even your grandma) needs one.

A bike trainer is a piece of equipment you can whack on your bike so that you’re able to cycle stationary. This could be in your garage, outside on the lawn or maybe in front of the television for some guilt-free TV time. The best part is, while you’re thinking ‘I should really clean the garage’ or ‘I need to mow the lawn’, the bike trainer will be measuring your speed, distance and power. And if you’re as lucky as Tour de Office and get to use a Wahoo trainer, you’ll find they’re extremely accurate and very quiet so you won’t have to bother turning the subtitles on.

Bike trainers can be used to help you work on your technique or for a warm up before a race when there is limited space. It can help you fit in a quick session when you’re short on time but can’t skip today’s workout (because you may have already skipped yesterdays…) 

But just so we are all on the same page, bike trainers are not just for professional athletes or avid cyclists. They’re for anyone who has or wants a bike. If you like riding either as a sport, a form of exercise or just to relax, bike trainers will allow you to ride your bike every day. If it’s too hot, ride inside! If it’s too cold, slap on that trainer! If you just can’t be stuffed to leave the house, then jump on that bike and get pedalling.

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