If you want to get some pep in your step then it’s time to change up your work routine, leave the car at home, skip the bus and bike to work. A study has investigated the self-rating quality of life within commuting. The study showed that those who cycled to work had the greatest quality of life and high satisfaction with their health. Cyclist proved to be twice as happy as any other commuters, including those who walk! 

This higher quality of life can be deduced from cyclists receiving more benefits from their choice of transport. Cycling to work benefits both physical and mental health, which is made greater by the activity being completed outdoors. Beyond mental and physical health benefits, cycling to work has practical benefits. This includes having a larger control of their environment as they don’t have to wait on (the always late) public transport, they are able to slip past the banked up cars and don’t have to worry about not being able to get a park. And while all this is happening they’re saving money and the environment. 

It is no wonder that cyclists are the happiest commuters. Though we know that it’s not always easy to cycle to work, sometimes you live a bit too far away or where you live is not very cycle-friendly. But if you still want to add some pep to your step, try skipping short car trips when they could easily be cycled or cycle outside of peak times so it’s safer on the road. There is always a way to stay active and quit the sit. 

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