It’s winter, which means it’s cold, possibly snowing, you wish you could eat a few pounds of food and hibernate in your cozy bed. Sadly, you’re not a bear who doesn’t need to go to work and pay the bills. Yet getting out of bed to go to work seems too much of an effort when it’s so cold outside, you want to pretend you don’t have to exercise in winter. Maybe you just won’t exercise, it’s too cold, what would you even be able to do? 

Well, I’m here to burst your bubble and let you know about all the wonderful exercises you can do in the winter. And to make it worse, most of them are free which means you have no excuse to order in food while you stay in the comfort of your bed re-watching Harry Potter for the hundredth time. 

First off, make sure you’re doing some stretches before you start exercising (these you can do in bed). You want to get your body warm and ready for some exercise. 

If you’ve got some spare money lying around, you could consider signing up to a gym even if just for winter so no matter sun, rain or snow, you’ll be able to fit in your workout without getting frostbite. Or you could try out your local pool as many are heated or will have an indoor option, that way you can swim laps in what you can pretend is an oversized bathtub. 

But maybe you’re a team sports person yet can’t commit to the cold outdoors that football and soccer require. Luckily there are many indoor sports options like basketball, netball and volleyball. 

Though maybe you’re using all and any savings you have on the heater this weekend so it would make sense to make the most of your warm house. So to help you save your pennies and keep you active and healthy through winter, I’ve researched the best exercises you can do at home with equipment you may already have or just some clear floor space.

Pull out your old skipping rope and get jumping. Skipping for a few minutes make you think you’ve been running for the last ten minutes. But maybe skipping isn’t your thing or you can’t find your skipping rope. Chances are though you have a phone or a computer (how else would you be reading this?) and those wonderful pieces of technology have all sorts of workout videos you can follow that can all be done in your lounge room. 

It might be winter but unless you’re a bear, you have no excuse but to get up, get moving and quit the sit.

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