There is nothing better than a good laugh, a bit of a giggle to put the hop in your step. Fitting in a laugh can be hard though and not because the only jokes you know are about chickens crossing a road. Maybe you work in an isolated office and don’t get much contact with your co-workers. Or maybe your schedule is so busy you’re not sure if you’ll have time to eat, let alone laugh. But below is the excuse you needed to slot in some time for laughter.

Laughing can boost productivity but also help you appear more competent. Studies have shown that a cheesy dad joke at work can help you wiggle your way into the hearts of your colleagues while boosting your performance. Even if you’re not the joke telling type, laughing along with the workplace comedian can help ease your stresses and create higher efficiency. 

It is important to make sure you don’t get carried away with your jokes. Inappropriate or bad jokes can knock you down on the totem pole. Best to play it safe.

So next time you need a favour, why not start with a good joke? You’re not only helping yourself, but your team as well.

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