It’s no surprise that employee engagement has a direct effect on business performance. 

Actively disengaged employees can be a costly problem, with studies estimating the total annual loss in revenue for a business being up to 34% of an individual’s salary. To put that in perspective, someone that’s making $60,000 a year is costing their company $20,400 on average. Let’s say you’re an organisation of 1,000 people, statistics have indicated that 17.2% of the workforce is actively disengaged, therefore this would predict 172 of your people are disengaged. If the average salary is $60k p/a, that’s up to $3.2 million dollars EVERY YEAR in company costs – now that’s a lot of money!

These groundbreaking stats have forced employers to reassess company priorities, turning to wellness events to combat the problem and finding great success. As a direct result, surveyed organisations found a reduction in absenteeism, improved physical and mental health, reduced turnover, improved productivity, and huge boosts in engagement. So much so that highly engaged teams were found to show 21% greater profitability! 

Choosing a wellness event that’s right for your employees needs is incredibly important. One of the most popular and effective options largely revolves around physical activity due to its extensive list of benefits. Those who participated in a wellness event involving physical activity found long term benefits through making better lifestyle choices, leading to improved stress, depression, and life satisfaction. Up to 61%  of employees agree that they have made healthier lifestyle choices directly because of their company’s wellness program.

Having healthier employees does actually correlate with happier employees. And you know what happens when you have happy employees? People have a much better chance at success. A win win!

Here at Healthy Workplaces, we cater to a range of company needs to help reengage employees. Whether it’s low morale, sedentary tendencies, or even just looking for something new to try, Tour de Office and Step Forward are here to help. Both our in-office, and out of office programs are easy to do and also heaps of fun! If you’re looking to support your workers, give a wellness event a go and see for yourself.

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