Long term “Tourists”, McDonalds Queensland are hosting their exciting 2019 event during a custom ride week in June.

Raising over $104,000 for Ronald McDonald House in the last four years, riders for McDonalds Queensland are once again focussed on gaining much-needed funds for the charity that provides accommodation for the families of seriously ill or injured children.

Excitingly, this year, rugby league champs, the Brisbane Broncos, will be adding their pedal power to the mix, riding at their clubhouse on the Tuesday of McDonalds’ Tour De Office week.

In this video from a previous McDonalds ride week, it’s clear to see that the TDO fun is contagious!

Tour de Office relies on around 40 wonderful volunteers every year to help our charity event to run smoothly. We were lucky enough to interview two of our amazing volunteers to discuss why they volunteer and their experience volunteering with Tour de Office.

One of our volunteers, Krishna, has volunteered for Tour de Office for the past few years and has been an amazing help every time. Last year he assisted the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney with their Tour de Office event week. Our other volunteer, Ibra, who had only volunteered for his first time last year had managed to create a lasting impression with our team with his positive attitude and enthusiasm. Ibra helped Tour de Office out in Melbourne last year working with Origin.

Why do you volunteer?

Krishna: It is my passion. I volunteer so that I can do something for the community and in turn keep myself busy. I’m retired so volunteering enables me to get out, stay active and meet new people.

Ibra: To get out and socialise and make connections.

What made you want to volunteer for Tour de Office?

Krishna: It was a great opportunity and Tour de Office had a great objective. It is really good to see companies look out for the health of their staff. Also, it was enjoyable to see office morale increase. You could see the office getting more active and as their activity and enthusiasm increased, so did their productivity.

Ibra: I volunteered for Tour de Office as I had some free time and wanted to use it in a good and productive way. Tour de Office was a really good cause and I worked alongside Beacon Foundation as well which works towards a really great cause too.

Do you volunteer for other charities?

Krishna: I do. I have volunteered for many charities. I’ve volunteered with the Starlight Foundation, for tennis tournaments and just last year I was a volunteer for the Invictus Games.

Ibra: Not yet as I don’t have the time but I would like to.

What is your favourite part of volunteering?

Krishna: I enjoy the customer service side. Meeting people and interacting with them. But at the end of the day, it’s nice knowing I have helped somebody with my time.

Ibra: Definitely the social aspect. It’s great talking to people and you never get bored.

Do you plan to volunteer again with Tour de Office?

Krishna: Yes! Very happily, I like the Tour de Office event.

Ibra: If I can find the time, most definitely!



Do you want to volunteer? Do you maybe not have a lot of time though? Are you unsure that you have the skill set to volunteer? We are here to let you know we can help you! There are numerous ways to volunteer that don’t require too much time or an extensive skill set or ones that require a lot of time and extensive skill set if that’s your thing. Below is a brief outline of the various forms of volunteering on offer.

1. Regular/Ongoing Volunteering

This volunteering tends to be a committed time weekly or monthly at places like Lifeline, Meals on Wheels and school tuck-shops. This is a great option for anyone who is able to commit to the same time weekly and wishes to participate in an easy task and possibly make friends along the way.

2. Project or Event-Based Volunteering

This form of volunteering is great for anyone who can only make a short commitment yearly to a charity. At Tour de Office we have volunteers who help just for our two events in the year. This is a great opportunity to engage in interesting and varying activities that are not regularly available for volunteers.

3. Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a great way to involve large companies in volunteering, especially for the individual employees who may not have the time otherwise. Organisations like Solar Buddy engage businesses in assembling solar lights as a team to send onto places suffering from energy poverty.

4. Overseas Volunteering

This is a very time-consuming form of volunteering but provides numerous opportunities in the form of a rewarding holiday overseas. Organisations like Habitat for Humanity and Go Overseas offer various programs that require various skill levels so all can participate.

Now knowing some of the types of volunteering it’s time to choose. We have two tips for choosing to help make this process even easier:

  1. Choose a form of volunteering that suits your schedule. This will help you maximise the opportunity but also create a smooth process between you and the charity – you don’t want your good intentions doing more harm than good if you cannot commit.
  1. Choose what you love! Make sure you are passionate about what you are doing, this not only makes the experience better and easier for you but for the people around you. Your passion could also help to raise awareness for your charity and reel in new volunteers.

Now get volunteering!


If you want to learn more about volunteering with TourdeOffice you can check out these links:

Volunteer 2019 Recruitment: Watch this space and social media to find out more

Volunteer Board Position 

Why do people volunteer? There are many different reasons, I choose to volunteer to donate blood because they have some of the best cookies ever. But some places (sadly) don’t have cookies so there must be other benefits. I took it upon myself to research the various reasons why people volunteer if it wasn’t for the free food and here is what I found:

You can make friends!

You might not make friends with salad, but you will make them when you volunteer. Not only are you doing good for other people or the environment, but you’re also benefiting yourself. Hanging out with like-minded people, doing an activity that helps others is the best way to connect.

It helps your mental health!

Volunteering can help your mental health, making you feel more grateful for what you have in your own life. It also helps build your self-confidence as you feel a sense of pride in helping your community.

Your bank account can grow!

Yes, volunteering, giving up your time for FREE can expand your bank account. Volunteering can teach you valuable skills that can be applied in the workforce and give you a great platform to network with industry professionals. Gaining experience in different fields can help further your career as you add new skills to your resume (and the fact that you volunteer).

It makes you fitter!

Volunteers tend to be more active, specifically older volunteers who walk much more than they would have before volunteering. Most volunteer positions have you standing up and moving about.

You will be happier!

Volunteering will make you happier, if not for all the reasons just listed then because your brain releases happy endorphins when you give back to others. Scientists have shown the more you give, the happier you are.



Problem: Riding to work

Whether you already ride to work or want to ride to work there are daily stresses to this process. Riding to work is not as easy as it seems, and not just because you realise how unfit you are when you hit any sort of gradient. There are many challenges faced by riding a bike to work, especially in Australia where it gets hotter than a shirtless Hemsworth. You need to shower after your ride, you need a fresh change of clothes, maybe these need to be ironed. You also have to carry all of this in a bag on your back while you’re riding up a hill that you swore wasn’t there yesterday. And then after all this, where do you put your bike?

Maybe these are struggles you face now or the obstacles that stop you from riding to work. But no more I say. Here are some handy solutions to make your commute to work easier.

Travel lighter

Particularly if you’re working in cities, many offices have showering facilities for their workers. If you have a workstation you’re able to leave some clothes or toiletries at, do so.

Shop smart

No matter what you do, your clothes are bound to get wrinkled in your bag through their transportation. It’s also not a great idea to bring an iron with you to work or leave one in the workplace. Luckily there are so many business clothes that are wrinkle-free and will never have to bear the heat of an iron.


Maybe your work doesn’t offer any sort of facility for use but there are ways to get around this. There are places like Cycle2City that offer all of these facilities in the heart of Brisbane to make riders lives easier (you can check them out here: http://cycle2city.com.au/ or check your city for similar services). It does cost a small amount but it’s less than what you would spend on public transport, and most definitely cheaper than a car.

So if you’re still um-ing and ah-ing, you can stop. Instead, you can get on your bike and start riding.

Status: SOLVED

If you haven’t yet ridden with Tour de Office but are thinking of giving it a go, we have some valuable statistics here for you.

We asked all of our riders last year to complete a short survey and we are happy to say that we have come back with positive results!

98% felt engaged during the event

97% said they would ride again

94% enjoyed raising money for charity

68% indicated that participating in the event motivated them to exercise during the working day

Why did they feel this way? These were the 4 most popular responses we received.

The Competition.

This response continued to pop up over and over again. Beating their colleagues either through their fundraising or distance rode or both seemed to be enough motivation to keep them going. Sometimes there really is nothing better than some good ole friendly competition.


Many riders enjoyed the feeling of self-accomplishment as they reached or surpassed the tough goals they had set for themselves.


They had fun! This was not just due to individuals enjoying the event but many responses spoke about the positive atmosphere. With so many employees having fun through the event week, it created an enjoyable work environment. One response stated that: ‘it’s a great week to be in the office’.

Being active

“Motivating people to exercise during the work day.”  

“Doing something other than sitting at a desk.”

“Getting some exercise during work hours.”

These are all responses from our riders.