Winter is coming. If you’re like many people you are probably picturing yourself getting cosy on the couch with a cup of tea and a good movie. You also might be thinking about how much harder it will be to drag yourself out of your warm, comfortable bed to exercise. So, we have compiled some tips on how to beat the cold this winter so you can stay active.

Tip #1

Make sure you’re doing some stretches before you start exercising. It’s important to stretch and warm-up before working out to avoid injury.

Here is an easy warm-up routine that’ll have you ready to go.

Tip #2

There is no need to spend your savings on elaborate gym equipment (or a gym membership once they reopen). However, it can be worthwhile investing in a few pieces of versatile gym equipment. For example, one set up dumbbells can be used to add some weight to exercises such as lunges, shoulder press, single-leg deadlifts, and even sit-ups. Many bodyweight exercises require no equipment at all – just some floor space.

Tip #3

While you’ve already got some floor space, try finding some online fitness videos to watch. They’re free and can keep you in the warmth of your home.

Try out this full-body workout or this HIIT workout – no equipment needed!

Tip #4

Don’t stop. Keep up your normal routine even while it’s cold. The best way to tackle this is to get organised! If you have your workouts planned in advance, you can jump straight into things when it’s time to go, rather than hiding under the blanket.

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