In response to the recent developments with COVID-19, many employers have made the choice to have their teams work from home for a short period. Working from home may be appealing for some (hello no commuting) but can be challenging for others (hi extroverts). We want to make sure you are keeping up with healthy workplace practices from home as we are all too aware of the negative health effects of sitting down all day. Here are three simple tips so you can #quitthesit

1. Set an alarm for every hour to get up out of your seat.

In the office, you would be used to getting up regularly to talk to a coworker or move to a meeting room. But when you are working from home, with no one else there, and no meeting room to walk to, you might just forget to move. Set an alarm to stretch those legs and get your blood flowing.

Bonus: Being in your own home is a great opportunity to do some basic exercise you can’t complete in the office. Do a few yoga poses or jog on the spot for a minute.

2. Take a lunch break.

No, we don’t mean moving to the couch for some Netflix. Give your eyes a rest by taking them away from your computer screen and get yourself away from your desk. 

3. Go for a walk.

Make sure you’re getting in your 30 minutes of exercise a day even if you can’t go to the gym. Fit this in either the morning or afternoon when you would have been commuting. It’s a great opportunity to get some Vitamin D while helping you clear your mind and give you the energy boost to get through your work-day or unwind from it.

Stay healthy riders and help us #quitthesit

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