Christmas time is upon us again! This sentence can spark joy for some, and trigger an internal eye roll for others. With the endless celebrations, a long shopping list, and work deadlines to meet; it can be difficult at this time of the year to keep up your health and fitness routine.

But we are here to help with 4 tips on how to keep healthy over the holidays.

Tip #1

Quit the sit! As the deadlines draw nearer, and the calendars fill up with social events, it can be easy to stay seated all day. But, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we don’t need our daily dose of activity. Be sure to schedule time to use your stand up desk, suggest that walking meeting, and take that lunch time stroll. It all adds up and you’ll feel better for it. If you’re new to the whole stand up desk thing, I suggest setting a goal of 1 hour per day and then slowly increase your time standing each week.

Tip #2

Try to limit the snacking at home and at work. With lots of delicious food on offer, it is easy to give into the temptations. We don’t expect you to be the Christmas Grinch and say no to all of the treats. However we suggest finding a middle ground. Allow yourself to indulge once or twice a week… just not everyday. 

Tip #3

Get outdoors for some incidental exercise! It’s basically an oven outside in Australia during the Christmas holidays. To keep cool, you can run outside with the family underneath a sprinkler, or if you have access to a pool or beach, go for a swim. You will build up an appetite for all of those prawns in no time.

Tip #4

Many people travel over the holidays and may not have access to their gym. Not having access to the gym equipment you are used to can sometimes lead you to not do any exercise at all. If you can relate to this, we suggest creating a circuit that you can complete with family or friends. We have made a suggestion below to get you started!

Complete 3 rounds of the below:

20 squats
20 sit ups
10 pushups
10 burpees

The circuit doesn’t have to be fancy. Just enough to get you out of breath and sweaty for 20-30 minutes.

We hope the above tips help you to sleigh this holiday season, and kickstart 2020.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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