When Tour de Office began in 2011, Employment Office Brisbane was one of the first companies to join the tour. Since then, Employment Office has continued its support of the event, participating for the past 9 years. Employment Office has raised over $11,500 just within the last three years for Australian Charities. In the lead up to the final ride week of 2019, it’s time we shed light on the work of Employment Office and what they are doing to #quitthesit.

Employment Office’s 2019 Charity of Choice

This year they chose to support the local charity, Lung Foundation Australia. Employment Office has set out to raise $10,000 for the Lung Foundation. Employment Office host an in-office auction in the ride week to help them achieve their fundraising goal. Staff can auction off services (some popular ones are kitchen cleaning duty for a month, free car park or to wear an embarrassing costume on the bike) to raise money for Lung Foundation Australia. 

They have also purchased a second bike this year meaning they have up to 160 time slots for their riders. The bikes are set up in the office weeks in advance so staff can train and make the most of their ride in the event week. 

Where will the donations go?

Lung Foundation Australia is Australia’s leading lung health charity. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer in Australia but did you know…

34 Australians are diagnosed with lung cancer each day 


There are over 30 types of lung cancer that can affect smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers


25 people die from lung cancer every day


There is only a 17% survival rate after 5 years


⅓ Australians believe people with lung cancer only have themselves to blame


The money raised from the riders at Employment Office Brisbane will go towards funding imperative research and programs to support Australians diagnosed with lung cancer. As little as $50 can connect a person living with lung cancer to Lung Foundation Australia support centre and as much as $200 can help fund life-changing research.

Teaming up with Lung Foundation was a natural fit for Employment Office and Tour de Office as we both support a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to watch the riders at Employment Office #quitthesit and see how much they can raise for Lung Foundation Australia. Donations are open for the next 4 weeks and feel free to check out the sweaty faces of EO in the event week, maybe you’ll feel inspired to jump on a TDO bike. 

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