If riding a bike or raising money for charity is your thing (or even better, a combination of both!) then you must have ridden in Tour De Office.

You’re red in the face and dripping sweat, your legs are burning, you’re outfitted as your favourite superhero and you’re thinking:

‘I’m so sad I only get to do this once a year.’

And it is sad. A year seems far too long to wait to have fun with your workmates while raising money for a great cause close to your heart.

Be sad no more –  there are many events that involve jumping on a bike, pedalling hard and raising money for charity. Many are local to you, maybe you’re riding the coastlines or into the countryside or in one big circle around your city. There are also rides that take you that little bit further, to help scratch that itch when you’re not riding Tour De Office in the comfort of your office.

Fantastic Brissie based charity, Smiling for Smiddy raises money for vital cancer research while you get to ride your bike. One of their challenges is in New Zealand spread over 5 days where you’ll get to cycle up mountains and through lush valleys and maybe spot a Hobbit or two along the way (or more likely some sheep).

Yes, it is outdoors and you will have to leave the security of your office to ride. Yes, the bike does move and you will require to balance on it. Yes, it is not a replacement for Tour De Office but it does sound fun with a twist of awesome cause.

So while you’re waiting for Tour De Office to come around again next year you have a really good excuse for an overseas holiday while helping get the one-up on cancer.

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