Everyone is looking for ways to be less tired, more productive and healthier. I’m here to let you know that there is a way to avoid your afternoon slump, fly through the stack of papers at your desk while being a healthier person and it involves eating.

So, you already know about 5 fruits and vegetables a day but are you ready for 10? Yes, 10 fruits and vegetables a day, 10 times more than just your apple a day to keep the doctor away. New research has shown that eating 10 servings of fruit and veg a day can greatly reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer while giving you a better sleep – it’s a win-win. 

Now 10 servings may sound like a lot (especially if you’re not hitting your 5 already) but the serving size is 80 grams, it’s achievable. It’s not all spinach and brussels sprouts either – though they are recommended – but citrus fruits, apples and pears as well as carrots, beans and broccoli are included in the mix that should regularly be consumed. 

Though consuming the classic 5 a day is still highly beneficial, try to slowly increase your intake until you hit 10. You can add another fruit or veg in each week and remember that it’s not all boring bowls of salad or steaming plates of boiled vegetables. It’s as simple as swapping out an unhealthy snack (like the biscuits that always seem to be in the breakroom) for a banana or carrot. Or try swapping your secret stash of muesli bars in your desk for some fresh fruit. 

Some risks were lowered by as much as 31% though, which does make consuming 10 servings feel worthwhile. Why would you not want to lower your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure and boosts your immune system? This means less sick days and less stress about falling behind on your work.

But aside from life-changing health benefits, you’ll have more sustainable energy to get you through the day. This will increase your productivity and concentration so you can pull through your work-day with no afternoon slump. Eating a higher intake of fruit and vegetables has also been shown to increase your creativity – your problem-solving skills will be at an all-time high.

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