Fundraising for a cause close to your heart can be very fulfilling but it can also be hard. There are so many amazing causes out there to give to that people are overwhelmed with choice. How do you make your cause stand out so you can do your part? The way people fundraise continues to change so it is important to stay up-to-date with these changes. One platform that is overlooked when it comes to fundraising is social media. 

Social media plays a larger role in fundraising than you may think. As social media continues to grow and you find yourself browsing endlessly through it, chances are you have seen and interacted with a charity on the platform. This can be liking or commenting on a post or liking their page.  Chances are you also have a friend/family member fundraise on social media – or maybe you are that member asking for donations on social media. 

Whether you are fundraising for your chosen charity for Tour de Office or another charity event, here are some things you should know about social media fundraising:

93% of donations that come through social media are from Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful platform to be asking for donations and sharing your fundraising journey. If you are fundraising as a business, it’s beneficial to use your reach on social media to maximise profits while still interacting through other channels. You’re able to tell your story as a business, and build rapport with your community. 

If you’re fundraising as an individual it’s a great way to connect with family and friends you may not reach out to by other means. Tell them your story, let them know what this charity means to you and how your funds can help.

92% of non-profits are on Facebook

Make sure you find who you are fundraising for and tag them in your post. Many are willing to add support to your post and here at Tour de Office, we love to share our followers content.

Since 2012 there has been an 81% increase of donations coming from sharing a donation link on social media.

Make sure you’re sharing your donation link to receive donations. Most charities make it super easy for you with social media icons you can click on to share your donation link instantly. 

Social media allows you to use visuals that can help capture the eye of your future donors. Visuals are a great way to make sure your post is being seen. You can share pictures of the event if you have done it before or, if not, share pictures of the charity you are helping to raise awareness.

Also, remember that social media is fast and free. Now go get fundraising!

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