In addition to raising a daughter together, Andrea and Mark work and exercise together. Andrea is the CEO of Scout Talent Group and Mark works part-time in Client Success at Scout Talent while also working as a stay-at-home dad. 

What does your average day of being active look like?

Andrea: My day is scheduled to the minute and I like to keep myself on track. I time-block my exercise and treat it like a meeting. I strongly believe you have to prioritise yourself and take care of yourself. I aim to exercise for an hour a day, 5 days a week. I usually run as I’m training for a half marathon but I also do yoga, strength training, and of course my two-year-old keeps me on my toes.

Mark: When I can, I like to exercise with Andrea, usually joining her for a run. This tends to be on our lunch break as it can be hard to fit in exercise on the days when I’m at home with our daughter. I like Crossfit and running. I’ll also run around with our daughter at the park a lot and usually after I’ve put her to bed I try to squeeze in 15 to 30 minutes of yoga. 

How do you stay motivated and continue to do this (nearly) every day?

Andrea: When I exercise regularly, I notice an improvement in my mental health. If I don’t exercise I feel more tired and glum but when I do exercise I definitely have a more positive attitude and outlook. Since becoming a mother, our daughter has become a key source of inspiration for me. I want to set a positive example. My Mum also inspires me – she has recently lost weight and it’s inspirational to see her hard work, focus and commitment pay off. I’m motivated to make sure I can keep up with her!

Mark: I’ve experienced what it’s like to be inactive before and I definitely feel a positive difference when I am active. It really affects both my physical and mental health. Also, just like Andrea, I want to set a positive example for our daughter.

What do you find the most challenging about keeping an active and healthy lifestyle?

Andrea: Fitting it in can be the hardest. When I’m not at work I want to be with my family, so that’s why I exercise through my lunch break.

Mark: Fitting exercise in as a parent of a toddler, and a part-time worker is definitely the biggest challenge.

When did this routine begin? And why?

Andrea: I didn’t exercise or participate in sport much as a kid, but in my late teens, I started to enjoy going to the gym. Ever since then I’ve been a regular exerciser., I did take a hiatus after giving birth, but 4 months after my daughter was born I was back on track.

Mark: I was similar to Andrea – not very active as a kid, but became very interested in health and fitness when I was a teenager. I did a lot of martial arts in my late teens. I’m a qualified personal trainer and Cross-Fit coach and this line of work has helped keep me on track over the years.

Do you ever change it up?

Andrea: I’ve started boxing which is new and I try and engage in that weekly.

Mark: I’ve started taking our daughter to the trampoline park which puts me through my paces! Though I’ve re-learnt how to do backflips which is an accomplishment!

What is your tip for others? 

Andrea: If you have a busy job and/or you’re a parent, just remember it’s okay to prioritise yourself. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – as in, you can’t give to your family and your work if you’re not giving to yourself … so don’t feel guilty about taking time out for yourself.

Mark: I agree, prioritising some time to focus on your own health and fitness definitely helps you be a better parent and worker.

What is your favourite exercise?

Andrea: I love running. I can easily track my improvements and I can do it anywhere, anytime weekdays, weekends, holidays, and when I’m travelling for work.
Mark: CrossFit. It tests you in lots of different ways and is a very efficient workout. 

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