Year after year since the first Tour de Office ride in 2011, healthy rivalry between Australian organisations has encouraged staff members to go above and beyond… jumping on the bike with crazier costumes, inviting special guests such as the police to ride, and finding creative ways to raise every dollar possible (one rider promised to wax his legs in the foyer if he hit his fundraising target). So what will happen when we turn up the heat, and create teams within organisations? Well… now is the time to find out, because that’s exactly what we’ve done!

For the first time in 2017, Tour de Office riders can sign up and fundraise as part of a team within their organisation and compete against teams within their company, and teams around Australia.

Marketing vs Finance? Sales vs HR? CEOs vs everyone else? Let the fundraising games begin.

Read on for the top benefits of being part of a fundraising team, rather than going at it alone:

Raise more! According to a 2014 study by Everyday Hero, fundraisers as part of a team are responsible for 65 per cent of total fundraising dollars in cycling events, while individuals raise just over 15 per cent of the total fundraising tally (with the remaining 15 per cent raised by team captains). That’s four times more than an individual fundraiser! Similarly, those in a team received an average of two more donations than individuals.

Be driven. With one team goal, you’ll be more motivated to fundraise because you’ll won’t want to let the team down! In fact, team members are ten per cent more likely to hit the keyboard and email their contacts asking for support than individuals when it comes to fundraising. Team members send an average of 8 more emails to their friends and colleagues asking for donations than individual event participants.

Spread the word like never before. Imagine how much louder your fundraising voice will be when part of a team. Amplify your cause by approaching potential donors as a team, and bring social media into the mix. Tagging in your teammates on social media and regularly posting team updates will help get everyone’s network is interested and invested, pushing your team closer to success! The comradery that comes with team shirts, flags and posters, will motivate your team to do the best you can when it comes to sweating it out on the bike and raising money for your worthy cause.

Have (even more) fun! As part of a team, you’re able to run mini fundraising events for some bonus fundraising in the lead up to the event. Smoothie-making days, mini olympics and dress-up days are just some ways your team could take Tour de Office ‘season’ to the next level in your office. Why not hijack one day of Tour de Office rider calendar and book it out with everyone in your team. You could surprise your office with a team costume theme. Prizes for the best dressed team anyone? Let’s celebrate cycling for the team sport that it truly is.

To join or create a team in the Tour de Office event, make sure you’ve signed up here. Go to your profile page, and scroll down click either ‘Join team’ or ‘Create team’ on the left.

What are you waiting for? Round up the troops and sign up your Tour de Office team today for the best Tour de Office event yet.


Editor’s’ note: Please note, at this stage, teams are only available for September event.


Source: The 2014 BLACKBAUD Key Performance Indicators for Online Participants and Teams by Loyalty, Donation Level, and Fundraising Performance Analysis. 

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