10 Apples a Day Keeps the Doctor Away (and Makes You More Productive at Work)

Everyone is looking for ways to be less tired, more productive and healthier. I’m here to let you know that there is a way to avoid your afternoon slump, fly through the stack of papers at your desk while being a healthier person and it involves eating. So, you already know about 5 fruits and vegetables [...]

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August Ride Week 2019 Wrap Up

Our August Ride Week has come to a close and the event has raised over $59,000 for 5 Australian charities.  This August event week we had 7 companies jump on the bike and cycle their heart out to help us #quitthesit. With over 370 riders we rode the total distance of 4231km - that’s longer than a drive [...]

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How Social Media Can Benefit Your Fundraising

Social media plays a larger role in fundraising than you may think. As social media continues to grow and you find yourself browsing endlessly through it, chances are you have seen and, if not, interacted with a charity. Chances are you’ve liked a charities social media page or have a friend/family member fundraise on social media [...]

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The One Good Reason You Need to Take Time to Smell the Roses

Nature is good for you. Probably sounds like something you already know. Though this is not just about getting some fresh air. This is about grass and trees, chirping birds and cool breezes. Maybe you do spend some time in nature though but do you actually spend enough time in nature?  2 hours a week. That’s [...]

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Small Steps to Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Everyone seems to be discussing work-life balance, how it’s so important and how they want to achieve it. It can feel like an impossible balance to find, especially if your workplace isn’t as flexible as you want them to be (like 10 am starts and 4-day weekends). But it’s important to find that balance for both [...]

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No Excuses: Andrea & Mark Proving You Can Have It All

Andrea and Mark are married and raising a daughter together, they work together, and they exercise together. Andrea is the CEO of Scout Talent Group and Mark works part-time in Client Success at Scout Talent while also working as a stay-at-home dad.  What does your average day of being active look like? Andrea: My day is [...]

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Kickstart Your Fundraising With Tips From A TDO All-Star

Matt Berger, an Executive Manager at Commonwealth Bank, will be riding in Tour de Office for the 5th time this August and has already reached over 80% of his fundraising goal. To help others who may be struggling to gain the motivation and momentum Matt has achieved we asked him about his engagement in Tour de [...]

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Happiness = Riding To Work

If you want to get some pep in your step then it’s time to change up your work routine, leave the car at home, skip the bus and bike to work. A study has investigated the self-rating quality of life within commuting. The study showed that those who cycled to work had the greatest quality of life [...]

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Why You And Your Grandma Need A Bike Trainer

Tour de Office is proud to announce that we have partnered Wahoo and FE Sports, enhancing your in-office cycling experience with the all-powerful KICKR CORE. If you’re not a cycling enthusiast, you may not know what a bike trainer is. Maybe you only jump on the bike once a year for the best biking event there is [...]

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0 Degrees? 0 Excuses! How to Beat the Cold and Keep Moving This Winter

It’s winter, which means it’s cold, possibly snowing, you wish you could eat a few pounds of food and hibernate in your cozy bed. Sadly, you’re not a bear who doesn’t need to go to work and pay the bills. Yet getting out of bed to go to work seems too much of an effort when [...]

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