If You Hate Exercise, Read This

Do you hate exercising? Do you avoid it at all costs? Would you rather exercise without knowing you’re doing it? Well congratulations, you already are. High-intensity exercise. Sound familiar? Probably not. But chances are you engage in high-intensity exercise at least once a day. High-intensity exercise is when you raise your heart beat above it’s resting [...]

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5 Exercises You Don’t Need to Leave Your Chair For

Sitting at your desk for eight hours a day can be a pain in the bum, metaphorically but also literally. We understand, although it hurts us to say, that not all workplaces have a healthy initiative for their employees so we have devised 5 simple exercises you can do while not having to leave your chair. [...]

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Exercise Makes You Smarter

If you’re a Forgetful Freddy or a Slow Sally then maybe you need to start exercising more! As you know there are many benefits to exercising ranging from physical to mental health. But did you know that exercising can make you smarter? Regular exercise has shown to increase productivity and creativity. This can help you respond [...]

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Tired? Stressed? You’ll Feel Better… with Plants in the Workplace!

There is something called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ and although it might not sound familiar the symptoms might ring a bell. A study conducted by the Liverpool John Moores University has shown office workers becoming ill with these symptoms since work environments have incorporated air-conditioning constantly in their offices. Air-conditioning is not the only cause as contaminated [...]

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Wellness At Work

You know the health impacts of sitting down for long periods of time day in and day out. This is exacerbated for people working in office environments, sitting for at least seven hours a day, just plugging away at their work. Luckily here at Tour de Office we have come up with a solution! Convert your [...]

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The Results Are In!

If you haven’t yet ridden with Tour de Office but are thinking of giving it a go, we have some valuable statistics here for you. We asked all of our riders last year to complete a short survey and we are happy to say that we have come back with positive results! 98% felt engaged during [...]

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Work spouses, giving the gift of health this Valentine’s day

Love is in the air. Valentines day - or as known by single people: February 14th - is already here and everyone is in the spirit of buying overpriced chocolates, stuffed bears and dying flowers. But the question to ask is, are we actually gifting the right person? Maybe there is someone else in our lives we [...]

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Anything but Ordinary: Four Unique Ways Aussie Professionals Got Fit in 2017

Getting (and staying) fit can be a tricky business – and often it comes down to motivation. We chatted to some 2017 Tour de Office riders to find out what they did differently this year to spice up their exercise routine. Read on for some gems we found among our Tour de Office riders – the [...]

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1 Minute with a Tour de Office Host

So, you’ve heard of the corporate fundraising event, ‘Tour de Office,’ and you want to learn a bit more... You may know Tour de Office as simply the ‘corporate bike event’ or ‘charity cycling relay’ – but these words only capture a small part of what Tour de Office is all about. Tour de Office brings [...]

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You and Your First Commuter Bike – 3 Steps to the Perfect Romance

The sun is rising earlier every day and thermometers around Australia are reaching 30 degrees by noon…Yes, it’s almost summer and it’s time to make the most of the stunning morning sunshine. If you’re ready to spice up your morning commute but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to [...]

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