Health and Wellness, and Your Employer Brand

70 per cent of Australians consider health and wellbeing as one of the three most important factors for a good workplace, reported a 2015 Medibank Private study. In fact, one in two professionals would leave their jobs if their wellbeing needs were not met, found a study of 2400 Australian professionals conducted by Robert Walters. Crucially, [...]

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Your 3pm Craving and How to Fight It

We all know the feeling. It’s past lunch, but not time to clock-off just yet. The whistle of the coffee machine, the crunch of a chip packet or the sight of an unassuming chocolate bar can be enough to set anyone off. You glance at your watch - it’s choc-o-clock. “Oh, I might just have a [...]

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Tour de Office and Chobani ‘Flip’ Competition – Ts & Cs

Tour de Office and Chobani Australia have joined forces for to deliver Australian workplaces yogurt with a crave-worthy crunch, helping our riders to keep their energy levels up throughout their ride.  WIN a Chobani Flip prize pack plus a TDO shirt and water bottle! To enter: 1)Take a photo of yourself eating Chobani Flip Yogurt with [...]

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The Power of Team Fundraising

Year after year since the first Tour de Office ride in 2011, healthy rivalry between Australian organisations has encouraged staff members to go above and beyond... jumping on the bike with crazier costumes, inviting special guests such as the police to ride, and finding creative ways to raise every dollar possible (one rider promised to wax his [...]

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A warm welcome to JasonL

  A warm welcome to JasonL who is supporting Tour de Office in 2017! JasonL is offering two stand up desks as prizes for the event! We think it is a great partnership, giving our participants a practical way to transform the way they work and quit the sit! Stay tuned to learn how you can win! Learn [...]

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Fundraise Like a Legend!

Fundraising can often (incorrectly) be perceived as a hassle-a-thon of your closest friends, clients and family. The good news is Tour de Office doesn’t advocate forced fundraising - we want our riders to simply showcase the fun they’re having, the effort they’re putting in, and the passion they have for their cause. There is no perfect [...]

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The Coolest Healthy Workplaces

Everyday, more and more big-name corporates around the world are finding new ways to invest in the health of their staff in creative ways - all in an effort to improve their team’s well being, increase productivity, reduce turnover and position themselves as an employer of choice. If you want to be at the top of [...]

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The Cost of A Sedentary Workforce

An increasingly sedentary population is a burden on the Australian health system and economy. Disease brought on by inactivity leads to more than 16,000 premature deaths every year, and chronic disease costs the Australian economy an upwards of $15 billion annually. The majority of our sedentary time is spent at work. In fact, the average Australian [...]

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Educating staff and students about health and wellbeing

Teachers and staff set a fantastic example for students at Wodonga Tafe in regional Victoria last year when they participated in Tour de Office 2016. As well as riding, Tafe staff were busy raising over $5,500 for Headspace, a national youth mental health foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians. Staff really embraced the opportunity [...]

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Introducing the responsible modern donor

Some would say modern donors are becoming fickle, increasingly needing justification for their support or spreading their giving amongst a variety of causes they feel passionate about rather than choosing loyalty to one charity. The question on their lips is -  “how can we use our resources to help others the most?”. In most areas of [...]

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